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“Success in a hybrid work environment requires employers to move beyond viewing remote or hybrid environments as a temporary or short-term strategy and to treat it as an opportunity.”


– George Penn, VP at Gartner

REmote work is here to stay.

By now, your company has likely implemented new tools, developed new processes, and fully embraced the virtual working world - and it's probably going pretty well.


But what is likely taking a hit is your company culture. Gone are the days (at least for now) company-wide holiday parties, face-to-face happy hours, team celebrations and mid-day water-cooler chats. While technology has made it easy to adapt our work style, it's up to company leadership to evolve their culture.

It's time to

elevate your culture.

here's how we can help.

We partner with companies around the world to bring your employees the gift of educational travel. 

increase employee retention

We offer companies discounted rates for employee compensation packages. 

champion professional development

Sojrn is where personal growth meets professional development.


We work with companies to build and run goal specific Sojrn chapters designed based on your needs.

Tell us your goals and we'll take care of the rest.

incentivize your team to go the distance

Incentivize your team to hit KPIs by offering top performer(s) a chance to win a Sojrn of their choice. 

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