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Okay so...

Technically, Sojrn is new. So we don't have any testimonials per se...

But we thought we'd share some reviews from people who've traveled with the mothership, FTLO Travel.

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Remote travel program for young professionals. Sojrn is a modern study abroad program for adults.
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FTLO sets a new bar for what a best-in-class travel experience and itinerary should look like.


I recently went to Colombia with FTLO and was blown away by the amount of detail & care that was put into creating a unique experience that would be near impossible to re-create even if you spent 100 hours planning on your own.


Each trip is personally scouted out by your trip leader (huge shoutout to Makayla - if you have a chance to travel with her, I can guarantee you'll have an amazing time) and led by phenomenal, hand-picked local guides in each city (shoutout to Santi, Carlos and Will!).

A few examples of these curated experiences: (1) a private rum tasting hosted by the owner of Cartagena's top restaurant (2) learning how to salsa from a competitive Colombian dance duo (3) a city tour led by the mayor's son (4) off-road ATVing in the Colombian countryside (5) island hopping in the Caribbean (6) an incredible 16 course gastronomic dining experience.

You'll experience all this with a great group of similar-aged travelers that are all there to have a good time. Everyone goes out together and you'll finish the trip with a new group of friends. Half of my group was made up of repeat-FTLOers, which is testament to the quality of these trips across the board.

Dominic - New York, NY via Yelp

As I was sitting here deciding where I want to go for my second FTLO trip, I realized I never gave a shout out to the company who quite literally changed my life. I knew I wanted to travel internationally for a couple of years, however, I am at that awkward age where half of my friends are getting married and starting families, and the other half are fresh in their careers and don't have the money to travel. I finally made a decision. I was done waiting for a travel buddy and I was going to take on this adventure on my own. Little did I know, I would have life long friends waiting for me on the other side.

I went on the Tuscany and Rome trip back in June. Being my first time traveling to Europe (and by myself) I had many questions in the planning process. Makayla was always just a text or email away to answer all of my questions!

Tuscany was like a dream! I can't even describe how amazing the cooking class and truffle hunting were with the local family. Mom, Dad, two brothers, and even the cutest truffle hunting dog, welcomed us into their family. We had our own private cooking class and then our own private brunch in the middle of the most beautiful hills and vineyards in Tuscany.

I am so excited to be planning another FTLO trip in 2020 with my 'Bellas' I met while in Italy! I can't express enough how great of an experience this was! If you are debating, just press book!!!!

Monica - Indianapolis, IN via Yelp


My Lapland experience with FTLO was seriously one of the greatest experiences of my entire life.


From the beginning, I knew that this company was going to be for me. They have a strong focus on sustainable tourism and curating a once in a lifetime experience. Every part of the process was seamless...from asking questions, choosing a trip, signing up, and preparing. I did the Lapland trip on March 7th and had the most amazing trip leader in Seth Baron.


Our group really bonded and became close and Seth was our fearless leader, always making sure everyone felt good and was having an amazing time. The experiences were bucket list items from dog sledding, to ice floating, to santas village, snow mobiling and more. On our last night we did a photography northern lights experience and it completely took my breath away.


Seriously this trip has a bit of everything..history, adventure, culture, scenery and landscapes...and of course NEW FRIENDS! i know for sure our group will be bonded forever and i am looking forward to my next FTLO adventure..the next trip i take really depends on which trip Seth is leading! the day before the trip ended we had to cut short due to the coronavirus issues and NOrway closing its borders. Seth provided reassurance, assistance, and amazing support. If i couldnt be with my family...i m sure glad i was navigating these uncertain times with these people.


I was amazed at how Seth and FTLO handled something so unprecedented. They have my complete trust and I am beyond excited for the next adventure. Cheers to amazing times!!

Rachel - Atlanta, Georgia via Facebook

This August marked my 4th trip with FTLO.  I can not say enough good things about my experience with each unique adventure.  


Most recently, I traveled to the Greek Islands with trip leader Makayla and an amazing group of new friends from cities all over the U.S.  Makayla leading our trip ensured an awesome experience I will remember for years to come.  She was kind, patient, and most importantly a ton of fun.  FTLO took steps above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoyed their experience, even when traveling led to circumstances out of anyones control such as a cancelled ferry.  


The trip was thoughtfully curated with a healthy balance of group time vs solo time.

I will continue to be a part of the FTLO family for years to come as the company differentiates itself by deeply caring about the communities they visit and the relationships they build. Thank you Tara, Makayla, and all FTLO crew for making this another experience for the books.  I am grateful to have made friendships that will continue well beyond my FTLO trip.

Kat - Washington, DC via Yelp

I recently got home from the FTLO Vietnam trip, and still cannot believe the incredible time I had. I initially signed up for this trip because I wanted to experience something completely new, and this trip seemed perfect.


FTLO really surpassed all my expectations. It was clear that all the planning for this tour was done with a great attention to detail, and each participant’s individual needs were always catered to. Every part of this trip was so fun, unique, and beautiful - I really cannot recommend it enough.

I would have never experienced so many of the amazing activities we took part in if I had travelled to Vietnam on my own. It was so nice to be travelling with the right size group of like-minded people, and to be led by Seth who was so thoughtful, organized, and positive throughout the entire trip. Seth really took the time to get to know everyone, and consistently made sure everyone was having a good time, and that no one was left behind.


The tour moved at the right pace, with a good balance of planned activities and personal time, and I never once felt rushed or pressured to partake in anything.

I hope to stay in touch with all my new friends, and would love to meet up again soon! Thank you so much FTLO! Now onto deciding which trip to book next!

Courtney - Toronto, Canada via Facebook

Obsessed with this company! I have already gone on 4 of their trips (Barcelona/South of France in August 2017; Rome/Tuscany in September 2018; Amalfi/Puglia in September 2018; Mexico City Foodie in February 2019). I'm already booked to go on my 5th trip (Greece) later this year.

I couldn't speak more highly of the company or my experiences. They're organized, thoughtful, fun, and innovative with their trips and activities. The local guides in the various cities are extremely knowledgeable and provide an authentic view of the cities. The trip leaders always have fantastic recommendations for restaurants, bars, beaches, activities, etc. to explore during your free time. The people who go on the trips are a ton of fun. Definitely recommend!

Jen - New York, NY via Yelp

You get the idea. 

We plan meticulously, care a lot, and have a blast. 

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