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                       Travel isn’t the most sustainable activity for our environment. It requires consistent use of fossil-fuel burning automotive transportation as well as the introduction of non indigenous populations to eco-systems and infrastructures that are not always equipped to handle it.

As a world-positive company, we are committed to minimizing our travel (carbon) footprint so our generation, and the many generations to come, can continue to experience the wonders of our planet. 

It’s no secret.

That’s why Sojrn is proudly partnered with Cooler to operate as a Climate Neutral company from Day 1.

how it works

By partnering with Cooler, we will be continuously measuring, tracking and neutralizing our carbon emissions by re-investing a portion of our profits into the future of our planet.

Coolers API calculates carbon footprint of each Sojrn and charges us based on the current permit price. 

Cooler then purchases carbon dioxide emission permits in the tightly-regulated carbon markets in the U.S.

Once these limited permits are all purchased, polluters are forced to find more sustainable ways to operate, stopping pollution at its source.

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Sojrn is a live abroad program for remote working young professionals. Think of it like a study abroad for adults! Take an extended workation in amazing places around the world with Sojrn.

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