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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sojrn? 

We like to think of it like a study abroad for adults. 

Logistics are sorted. A friend group is waiting for you. And we've vetted a two or four week's worth of activities designed to help you learn a new skill or explore a new passion. 

In a nutshell, we make it seamlessly easy to live abroad, while continuing to work remotely at your current job (if you choose to). 

About Sojrn

How does it work?

Each program, or Chapter, is based in one location and lasts for two or four weeks. The Chapters have themes relevant to their destinations, like Wellness in Bali or Spanish in Medellin.


You’ll have a Local Host who knows your city intimately, a Chapter Host to head up the fun, a personal WiFi hotspot, and a curriculum of activities to fill your free time (plus some other great perks). You’ll also have different housing options and, in certain cities, the option for a coworking space add-on.


The curriculums are designed to help you learn more about the Chapter themes through creative exploration. Unlike college study abroad, there are no classes or tests and definitely no homework.​

Please note: Sojrn does not offer any form of employment while participating in a Chapter.

Who is Sojrn for? 

Sojrn is for anyone who has ever said, "I would love to live in..."

We believe in the power of cultural immersion and creating space to pursue your passions, so we combined the two to create Sojrn.


Some Sojrners will be remote workers while others will be solely focused on living and learning.

In college, study abroad allows students to continue their academic experience in another cultural setting. Sojrn does the same for people who are out of school but want to temporarily experience life through a different cultural lens without giving up their career or home. 


We call it “modern study abroad” because there are several key differences. In the college version, most learning happens inside a classroom. With Sojrn, we’ve intentionally paired destinations with themes that allow for the local culture to function as the teacher. Thanks to this, learning is done through experiential activities and immersion rather than confined to the four walls of a classroom. 

A second key difference is that when you’re studying abroad in college, you have all the time in the world to go to class or study. With Sojrn, we recognize that adults have busy schedules, meaning their ability to participate in activities is constrained by other commitments. 


With that in mind, we decided not to include everything you could possibly do in the bundled program price. Rather, we set the base low, include the basics, and then allow you to add on the optionals that best fit your time, schedule, and interest level. 

How is it like college study abroad? How is it different?

What is the set up for working remotely?

As a fully remote travel company, we know a thing or two about working from anywhere :) 

If you plan to work while on your Sojrn, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from afar while immersing yourself in the local culture. With a personal WiFi hotspot, your desk can be anywhere you like.


We’ve found that this setup is ideal for the majority of people who join Sojrn. However, if you have more specific work needs (Zoom all day, very specific hours, an additional monitor), we can help get you set up at a coworking space with all the modern amenities for an additional cost. Just be sure to choose this as an optional add-on when you book.

Why are coworking spaces no longer included in Sojrn?

Over the past year and a half of running Sojrn Chapters, we’ve found that only 10% of Sojrners use a coworking space enough to justify the cost of the month-long membership. So instead of making you pay for something you may not use, we’ve made it an optional add-on and instead provide you with a WiFi hotspot to keep you connected wherever you want to be throughout your time abroad.

How can I convince my company to allow me to do a Sojrn?

Have more questions?

Feel free to give us a shout at to answer any questions you might have about the Sojrn experience.

Ready to get started?

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