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Going abroad can be complicated. We have the tools and resources to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Helpful Resources

We include four themed activities as well as a menu of vetted optionals (paid separately) to fill your free time. 

Curated Activites

Each Chapter has between 20 and 40 people meaning you have a built in friend group in your temporary home.

Friend Group

Dedicated work space, local hangouts and more all equipped with killer wifi.

Sojrn Spaces

Our in-the-know local host is there to help with any questions or issues that may arise while abroad.

Local Host

A variety of housing options to choose from to suit your budget and needs.


Chapter prices start at $2,800 and vary by cost of living and accommodation selection for the duration of four weeks. While specific details range by Chapter, you can expect all Sojrns to include:

What's included? 

What is Sojrn? 

We like to think of it as a study abroad experience for working professionals. 

Logistics are sorted. A friend group is waiting for you. And we've vetted a month's worth of activities designed to help you learn a new skill or explore a new passion. 

In a nutshell, we make it seamlessly easy to live abroad for a month, while continuing to work remotely at your current job. 

How does it work?

Each program, called a Chapter, is based in one location and lasts for 4 weeks. The Chapters each have a theme that is relevant to that destination like Fashion in Paris or Design in Stockholm.


We arrange accommodations, a workspace (with great wifi), a local host, and a "curriculum" of activities to fill your free time (plus some other great perks.)


The curriculums are designed to help you learn more about that the Chapter's theme through independent exploration. Unlike college study abroad, there are no classes or tests and definitely no homework.

How is it like college study abroad? How is it different?

In college, study abroad allows students to continue their academic experience in another cultural setting. Sojrn does the same for people who are out of school but want to temporarily experience life through a different cultural lens without giving up their career, home, etc. 

We call it “modern” study abroad because there are several key differences. In the college version, most learning happens inside a classroom. With Sojrn, we’ve intentionally paired destinations with themes that allow for the local culture to function as the “teacher.” Thanks to this, all learning is done through experiential activities rather than confined to the four walls of a classroom. 

A second key difference is that when you’re studying abroad in college, you have all the time in the world to go to class, study, etc. With Sojrn, we recognize that most people will be bringing their work with them, meaning their ability to participate in activities is constrained by their work commitments. With that in mind, we decided not to include everything you could possibly do in the bundled program price. Rather, we set the base low, included the basics, and then allow you to add on the optionals that best fit your time, schedule, and interest level. 

Who is Sojrn for? 

Sojrn is for anyone who has ever said "I would love to spend a month                         ."

We believe in the power of cultural immersion and creating space to pursue your passions so we combined the two to create Sojrn. If you can work from anywhere, why not work from Paris, Bali, or Costa Rica? 

Most participants will be remote workers but if you want to take four weeks off and just devote yourself to learning, we think that's great! (and we're super jealous)

What is the set up for working remotely?

As a fully remote travel company, we know a thing or two about working from anywhere :) 

One of the benefits of Sojrn is we do all of the setup to make your transition to a new place as seamless as possible. No testing 20 cafes to find the best wifi or comparing reviews of co-working spaces.

Each Sojrn will have a dedicated workspace for heads down work and Zoom calls, and a partner cafe for a more social atmosphere.  We're also aware people may have odd work hours and our spaces will accommodate this.

Do I have to be a "Digital Nomad" to participate?

Nope! Anyone looking for an extended change of scenery and the chance to explore a new topic is welcome. In fact, we think many of our participants will be regular professionals who have asked for a "work-from-anywhere month."

Additional FAQS

What are the accommodations?

For each chapter, you will be able to book the accommodation tier that best suits you. Tier options vary by chapter but at a minimum, all accommodations include your own room and wifi.

Can I do Sojrn for longer or shorter than 4 weeks?

We understand some participants will need to arrive late or leave early but at this time there are no discounts for missed time. If you’d like to extend your stay, let your local host know as soon as possible and we’ll see what we can do!

What happens on a typical Chapter?

During your 4 week stay, Sojrn sets you up with a comfortable place to stay, a workspace, a network of chaptermates, and a menu of things to do to help you explore the destination and expand your knowledge on the chapter theme. These experiences vary depending on the Chapter and range from learning from local craftsman to surfing with locals to a lecture on robotics to journal prompts to volunteering for the day. There are four activities included (one per week) and several more optional activities we’ve curated from our favorite local partners.

How much free time is there?

In short, as much as you like. Sojrns are intended to be largely self-guided, meaning you dictate how you spend your time. Once a week, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a group activity but other than that, how you spend your time is up to you. Of course, we’ll provide an entire menu of ideas to fill your free time but the what and when is up to you. Note: self-guided doesn't necessarily mean alone. You'll be connected with your Chapter-mates through an online platform so you can always invite people to join you.

How many travelers per Chapter?

Max occupancy varies by chapter but in general, you can expect there to be between 15 and 40 participants.

Can I do more than one Chapter?

Of course! The Chapters are scheduled to run back to back and you can book many Chapters at once or add them as you go.

Can I come with someone else?

Absolutely! Book on the same chapter and let us know that you would like to live together. If you want to share the same bedroom, we may be able to offer a discount. Note: like any organized program, we do not allow people to join you who are not part of the program.

What are the activties?

The activities for each Sojrn depend on the Chapter theme. They might range from private tours, to cooking classes, to white water rafting, to movie nights, to scavenger hunts, and beyond. Each Sojrn will have one included activity per week that is tied to the theme. Then, as part of the experience, we'll provide you with many other recommended optionals that you can choose to do or not (you pay for these separately.) Also, we recognize some people will be working odd hours because of timezone differences. We will have multiple sessions for each included activity that will be scheduled to accommodate this.

What is the cost?

Each chapter has a different price based on the local cost of living and the accommodation tier you select but in general, it ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 for the entire four weeks.

What is not included in the price?

Anything not listed as "included" such as international flights, visas, and meals are not included in the program price. Additionally, optional acitvities beyond the one included per week are not included and can be purchased separately.

What language is the programming in?

For now, all programming and communication is in English. As we grow, we will add support for additional languages.

More Details

How's the Wi-Fi?

We know how important good Wi-Fi is. Each destination lists the average internet speed and we aim to have 50Mbps+ at each location.

What are your COVID-19 Protocols?

Safety is Sojrn's top priority. Before each chapter, travelers will be informed of the latest COVID-19 protocols in place and local destination laws for your destination. We also maintain that “if it is not safe to go, we will not travel.” Additional COVID-19 precautions are also in place: 1. Low Covid numbers and access to not overburdened healthcare facilities are integral to our destination selection process 2. Travelers will be asked for proof of a negative PCR test before departing their home country. If you have been vaccinated, you are not required to get a PCR test before prior to arrival. 3. Non-vaccinated travelers will be asked to take another PCR test 3 days after arrival. 4. Sojrn will work with local health authorities to reduce the chance of catching Covid-19 and spreading the virus in each destination. This will include quarantine for confirmed cases. 5. The Sojrn team and local hosts will be trained to operate in accordance with all Covid-19 protocols and will make sure these are implemented within the group as well as be on hand to help with any questions. 6. Co-working spaces will be sanitized regularly. 7. Apartments/accommodations will be professionally cleaned before arrival, with cleaning goods provided complimentary to each property. 8. Operations abide by the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) Safe Travels guidelines.

Are pets allowed?

Possibly! If you would like to bring your pet, get in touch with the team before booking as there are some things we will have to talk you through. Bringing your pet usually requires booking private accommodations and a pet deposit.

Are children allowed?

At this time, Sojrns are for adults only.

Is there an age restriction?

While most of our community falls into the 25-45 age range, the only age requirement is that participants are over 21.

Who We Are

What’s our background?

Sojrn is brought to you by the travel-loving team at FTLO. Feel free to get to know us HERE.

What is FTLO Travel?

For the Love of Travel (FTLO for short) is a group travel company for young professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We run laid-back group trips for young professionals that are hassle-free (like a vacation) but have the adventure and cultural enrichment of solo travel. Check us out at We have been creating amazing experiences for young professionals around the world for the last 5 years. Slow travel, meaningful exchange, and taking care of local communities has always been the core philosophy at FTLO Travel and Sojrn is the evolution of these values for a post-Covid world.

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