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1. a powerful effect that something, especially
Slow travel / ˈˈɪm.pækt /; noun
something new, has on a situation or person.

Our mission

is to inspire curiosity and cultivate understanding.

We believe in the power of slow, experiential travel to bring people together, shift perspectives, and bridge divides. We're committed to helping the world learn through immersive, purposeful experiences.

But it doesn't stop there. Keep scrolling to read about some of the other ways we're committed to being a world-positive company...

Image by Jessy Hoffmann

Taking care of

Our Planet

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the world and that includes the health of our planet. Through our partnership with Cooler, Sojrn will be a carbon-neutral company from Day 1.


When you take a Sojrn, we calculate your carbon footprint and purchase limited carbon credits away from polluters, forcing them to find more sustainable ways to operate. Unlike offset programs, this helps stop pollution at the source. 


Our desire to

Encourage Curiosity

Sojrn is founded on the belief that curiosity should be nurtured and learning is a lifelong endeavor.


We want to help people create the space in their lives to pursue hobbies, learn new skills, and appreciate different cultures... for both travelers and locals alike.


In support of this, we reinvest 10% of the profit from each Chapter back into education in the host community via non-profits.

To nominate your organization for a partnership, please reach out to us below. 

Image by Kobby Mendez
Image by Zan

The ethos of

Slow Travel

Slow travel can be interpreted in many ways. 


To us, it means:

  • Respectfully and openly engaging with the culture

  • Exploring mindfully and befriending strangers

  • Taking time to appreciate the details 

It also means avoiding over-tourism, keeping gems hidden, and pouring travel dollars into the communities we visit.

We invite you to practice these principles in your own exploring. 

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