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Live & Learn in Mexico City

Sojrn’s Mexico City Chapter is a four-week culinary expedition into the street-food-infused neighborhoods of one of the world’s most energetic capital cities. With a community of fellow foodies, you’ll learn the subtleties and nuances of Mexican staples like tacos, tamales, mole, and tostadas through hands-on culinary workshops, immersive food tours, and expert-led cooking classes.

Cultural activities, events, and trips will help you experience it all on a much deeper level allowing you to examine the city and surrounding region from a whole new perspective. Together with your Chaptermates, you’ll experience the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds of Mexico City as only a local could.

Prices starting at:

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*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons

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You'll learn

The rich history of Mexican cuisine, tracing the origin stories of its produce, ingredients, and dishes from inception to modern day.

How traditional symbiotic agriculture systems called Milpa, first used by the Aztecs, continue to be employed by locals and renowned chefs worldwide, to produce fresh indigenous ingredients.

Traditional Mexican cooking techniques, as well as new flavor profiles and combinations, to elevate your own culinary skills.

How to navigate the vibrant wet markets of Mexico City, identifying specific ingredients, understanding their roles and purpose in various dishes, and discerning their unique flavors.

How French influence on bread and pastries in Mexican cuisine contributed to the inventiveness of Mexican baking tradition.



Flavor-Filled Streets

Uncover colorful culinary traditions as you crisscross Mexico City on a journey of flavor.


With fellow food enthusiasts, you’ll sip freshly brewed café de olla along the bustling streets of the historic center, devour mouthwatering tacos al pastor at streetside taquerias, and wander the action-packed aisles of local markets.


Together, you’ll venture beyond the city limits to explore historic ruins, where you'll uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations before returning to feast on rich mole poblano as you live it up in a gastronomic scene that stands head and shoulders above anything else the Americas has to offer. 



Through cuisine

In Mexico City, you’ll find a group of like-minded travelers passionate about exploring the world of cuisine.


Together, you'll gather for lively conversations over mezcal, savor authentic street food, immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of Frida Kahlo, navigate the colorful maze of street art, and delve into the treasures housed within world-renowned museums.


On this immersive experience, you'll explore as a united group of adventurers, embracing the spirit of Mexico City and creating lifelong friendships along the way.

Sojrn Community


A story of flavors

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The Cuisine in Mexico City Chapter is the chance to uncover the stories behind the city's diverse gastronomic heritage.


You'll step into a world where flavors come alive on a journey that goes far beyond the plate as you explore the historical influences that have shaped the city's cuisine, from Aztec traditions to Spanish colonial flavors, and discover how they blend harmoniously in modern Mexican dishes.


This educational and immersive culinary adventure celebrates the wonders of Mexico City's cuisine while fostering a deeper understanding and respect for its culinary heritage.

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Sojrn Hosts



Local Host

Your Local Host will ensure you have everything you need in Mexico City to be relaxed, productive, and inspired in your temporary new home. They will also assist you with cross-cultural immersion so that you grow familiar with the language, etiquette, customs, and cultural nuances of Mexico while you dive into this culinary mecca.



Chapter Host

Your Chapter Host knows exactly what to plan to make your evenings and spare time in Mexico City more fun. Knowledgeable in Mexico’s colorful culture and spectacular cuisine, they will help organize social events, group dinners, and weekend adventures out of the city.


Chapter Hosts

What's Included

What's Included

What's Not

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Departure airport transportation

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance


Choose your stay

$5,199 A private, centrally located apartment that comes furnished with a double bed, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen and space to work or relax. If you sign up with another person with the intention of sharing Private Housing, one person should book the Private Housing option, and one person should book the No Housing option.



Work the way you want

If you plan to work while on your Sojrn, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from afar while immersing yourself in the local culture. With a complimentary personal WiFi hotspot, your desk can be anywhere you like, from your own apartment to the charming coffee shop around the corner. 


“Sojrn taps into an audience willing to trade weeklong vacations for extended experiences that blend work, life and exploration.”




A week in the life

Please note: Chapter activities, events, excursions, and optionals are updated and refreshed throughout the year and subject to change based on the weather, the season, and Mexico's many cultural celebrations.


The following is an example week.

Example Week

“I just returned from the Sojrn in Mexico City, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I saw and did so many things through this program that I'm sure I would not have done otherwise.”




Mexico City Chapter Notes

You should expect a moderate level of physical activity (mostly walking).

Cash remains dominant in Mexico. It’s best to withdraw once you arrive at the airport.

Accommodations are generally smaller than what Americans are used to and there are usually not elevators or dryers.

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, yet your neighborhood is very walkable.

This Chapter is focused on cuisine. While it’s some of our favorite in the world, it can take some time for your stomach to adjust to the spices. We recommend packing stomach medication if you are more sensitive.




Interested in learning more about our Cuisine in Mexico City Chapter?

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