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Local Host

If you love talking to people about travel and exploring new cultures, have a knack for building relationships wherever you go, are committed to going the extra mile and want a work in a place that makes a positive impact, we would love to meet you.

The role of Sojrn's Local Host is to execute our carefully curated programs, ensuring that the participants come away with enhanced understanding of and passion for the Chapter theme, while also learning about the host city and coming to feel immersed in the local culture, cuisine, and traditions.

You will work together alongside the Chapter Host and use the framework of the curriculum and Sojrn theme to bring the group together while also connecting them to the local community. As part of your role, you will help them along in their personal journey to discover the city and culture, and create a safe, happy and comfortable environment in which they can explore and find their own place.


Relying on your personal knowledge of and connection to the host city, you keep Sojrners up-to-date on local events, offer inside tips on the best bars and eateries, and provide opportunities for them to visit new and interesting places as a group or on their own. By finding ways to bring value to their stay, especially but not exclusively via the Chapter theme, you will be successful in your role as a Sojrn Local Host.

Sojrn Local Host Main Requirements

Cross-Cultural Immersion:

  1. Lives in Chapter destination, bilingual in local language and English, practical local knowledge and connections (transportation, safety, restaurants, bars/cafes, organizations, community)

  2. Socio-Cultural Proficiency: Etiquette, customs, traditions, societal formalities

  3. Engages clients in cross-cultural immersion learning process, introduces them to and helps them gain access to local events, experiences, people



  1. Manages on-the-ground suppliers (contracted by Sojrn and/or recommended/introduced by the Host), arranges transportation for group activities, manages housing issues and landlord communication as necessary

  2. Purchases supplies for activities, books venues for events and meals

  3. Ensures activities occur as planned and according to program calendar

  4. Leverages local network and performs research as needed to procure services and items locally



  1. Finds solutions for unexpected problems and last-minute changes to program (i.e., transport strikes, cancellations, supplier no-shows, etc.)

  2. Deals with participant health emergencies (covid testing, illness, hospitalization)

  3. Manages unforeseen and unpredictable situations 

Note: Please submit your resume and a short cover letter to with the following subject: 

Sojrn Local Host - [Full Name]

How old do I have to be?

Our groups are geared for all ages, in general, it is ideal for our participants to have a Chapter Host who fits their profile being aged between 30 - 40yrs old. However, if you are outside of this range don’t be afraid to get in touch. 

Do I need any prior hosting experience?

Preference will be given to applicants with prior trip leading experience, but please do not let this stop you from applying if you don’t have any. We are looking for people with great organisational and people skills. 

What qualifications do I need?

We require all chapter hosts to go through Sojrn training as well as complete the most relevant and up to date Health & Safety training courses, which includes but is not limited to a CPR & First Aid course administered by an internationally recognized provider (e.g. American Red Cross).

Can I choose which chapters I host?

Personal preferences, language skills, availability and country-specific experience will be taken into account when placing Chapter Hosts onto trips and our top-rated hosts will get the first right of refusal for any specific itinerary.  The operations team is constantly juggling the work schedules to make sure that every departure has an available chapter host and we are constantly adding more chapters so there will likely be ample opportunity. 

Do I need to speak other languages?

While it isn’t a requirement, it is helpful. Additionally, we encourage all chapter hosts and customers to try and learn as much of the local language when traveling. However, it is not mandatory to providing our customers with life-changing experiences.

I want to host in my home country, is that possible?

Absolutely, we love working with locals!

How much do I get paid?

Local Hosts get paid an agreed fee for completing a chapter, with the first and last day of the trip generally paid as half-days. Your pay is based off your experience level with a chance to increase your salary through happy customers and favorable reviews. The compensation package includes all on-trip accommodation, travel to the starting point of the trip and participation in all pre-planned group activities. You will also be eligible for bonuses for positive reviews from travelers on your trips.  

Are there any physical requirements to be a chapter host?

Different trips have different requirements in terms of physical fitness. Please let us know if you have any requirements to help you work effectively.  

Can I do this alongside my other job or studies?

While on trip, the responsibilities of a Local Host need to be prioritized like a full-time job.  However, depending on your schedule, there will be time to take up other jobs or studies during the quieter days. Regardless, please discuss your schedule with the team so that we can plan accordingly. All meetings from other work or studies will have to be cancelled if they clash with the chapter itinerary..


Equal Opportunity Employer

Sojrn is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants due to race, color, creed, sex, gender identity, religion, marital status, age, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws or ordinances. To all recruitment agencies - we do not accept unsolicited agency resumes and are not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

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