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Your Wine Experience

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Sojrn’s two- and four-week Wine in Tuscany Chapters are designed to immerse you in the Tuscan lifestyle as you learn about the nuanced subject of wine and connect with a community of like-minded travelers from around the world.

With a range of curated activities, events, excursions, and optionals, Wine in Tuscany is a unique program aimed at fostering personal growth through experiential learning in one of the world’s most storied wine-growing regions. 



Two-Week Chapter

The two-week Sojrn is designed as an accelerated immersive experience for those who are not working.

The daily activities and weekly curriculum will teach you everything from how wine is made, to its characteristics and the many ways to appreciate it. 

Upcoming Dates

NOV 6 – NOV 19, 2023

Prices starting at


*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons

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Four-Week Chapter

The four-week Sojrn unfolds at a leisurely pace allowing for independent exploration while providing educational wine activities throughout the week.

With more free time than our two-week Sojrn, the four-week fully immersive stay is ideal for travelers who work remotely and want to feel like a true local.

Prices starting at


*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons

Upcoming Dates

OCT 9 – NOV 5, 2023


“Sojrn taps into an audience willing to trade weeklong vacations for extended experiences that blend work, life and exploration.”



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Like a Tuscan

Living in Siena on a Sojrn means you can explore and find the unexpected pleasures of hidden courtyards and rustic stone cellars as you listen to the bells of the Torre del Mangia echo through the streets and alleyways.


You can fully immerse yourself in a culture immensely proud of its Gothic architecture, rich cuisine, and, of course, celebrated wines.


You can live a life in Tuscany that is truly informed by little joys, simple pleasures, and above all else warm hospitality.  

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Life in Siena


Over wine and pasta

From the moment you land at the airport, you’ll feel connected to a diverse community of wine enthusiasts who will be your cohorts throughout your Sojrn.


Together, you’ll share morning espressos, lively meals, day trips to the countryside, and authentic experiences as you forge bonds, friendships, and a brand-new community that far outlasts your time in Tuscany.


You’ll be guided by in-the-know local experts and hosts as you traverse a patchwork of hillside vineyards and labyrinthine medieval neighborhoods. 



Let your curiosity lead you

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Sojrn Hosts will guide you from city shops and streets to vineyard tours, tastings, and lessons from experts in the Tuscan world of wine.


Sip the bold and complex reds of Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino and the crisp and refreshing whites of Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Tuscan wines offer a diverse range of flavors and aromas.


You’ll learn that the region's long history of winemaking has led to a deep understanding of the relationship between terroir, climate, and grape varietals, resulting in wines that reflect the unique character of their origin. 


Sojrn Hosts



Local Host

Your Local Host will ensure you have everything you need to be relaxed, productive, and inspired in your temporary new home. They will also assist you with cross-cultural immersion so that you grow familiar with language, etiquette, customs, and cultural nuances.



Chapter Host

Your Chapter Host knows exactly what to plan to make your evenings and spare time more fun. They will get you settled in to your new home, help organize social events, group dinners, and weekend adventures out of the city.

Chapter Hosts

You'll learn

The foundations of winemaking, from harvest and fermentation to bottling and aging.

How tasting techniques like sniffing, swirling, aerating, and sipping are utilized to discover different facets of a wine.

How certain agricultural factors like soil composition and climate influence aromas and flavors in wine.

How to speak to your personal preferences so you can continue to confidently order, taste, and enjoy wine!

How to approach food and wine pairing, such as Chianti with tomatoes or Brunello with mushrooms, truffles, and meat.

"A month I will never forget. Sojrn created the perfect environment for my Tuscan Wine journey, making it fun, educational and oh yeah, multi sensory!!!!!!! For me it was the perfect combination of work and play, and will provide me with inspiration for a long time."



Interested in learning more about our Wine in Tuscany Chapter?

If you have any questions about our Tuscany Chapter or would like to talk to someone about the Sojrn experience before you book, leave us your info and someone from the team will be in touch as soon as possible!

Thanks! We'll be in touch asap!



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