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Experience living in the “City of the Eternal Spring” Medellín, Colombia for an entire month while soaking in the local culture and learning Spanish.

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Spanish in Colombia


Medellín, Colombia

Learn Spanish in Colombia



Learn Spanish in Medellin, Colombia


Starting at $2,999*

Adult Study Abroad to Learn Spanish


4 weeks

Chapter Dates


July 3 - July 30, 2022

Nov 13 - Dec 10, 2022

Jan 8 - Feb 4, 2023

Dec 10, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024

What to expect:

Become better acquainted with the Colombian culture

Improve your spoken Spanish skills

Explore different parts of Colombia in your free time

Connect with others trying to learn Spanish

Easy and convenient access to all your remote working needs

Speak Like a Local.

It is said that you can not truly understand a culture until you begin to understand its language. Learning Spanish in such a vibrant city will certainly be a powerful driver to have you speaking in no time! Once Spanish classes are over, you’ll find yourself with plenty of time to enrich your Spanish experience by chatting with locals (called Paisas), tasting locally sourced, roasted and brewed specialty coffee, and practicing your Spanish with your Chaptermates. 

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Reliably Connect Anytime You Need.

If you will be working remotely while in Medellín, we’ve made sure to give you access to what you’ll need to get the job done. We have partnered with a local co-working space that can cater to a range of needs. Here you will find super fast wifi, plenty of outlets, and even private rooms in case you need to get some privacy or just spread out.


If you enjoy a little more hustle and bustle while working, you can check out our Sojrn Spaces - places you're always welcome to pop into to socialize, get some work done, or grab a bite to eat. Through our partnerships with local cafes and restaurants around Medellín, you'll be able to find your new favorite spot in no time!

Choose your stay.

The Spanish in Colombia chapter has two accommodation options available for your choosing. Swipe to see an example of each. 

  • Standard - $2,999   |   A private bedroom in a shared apartment, all equipped with kitchen space with a large work/dinner table, Wi-Fi and all other modern amenities.

  • Private - $3.799 |  A private apartment, equipped with kitchen space with a large work/dinner table, Wi-Fi and all other modern amenities.


PS: If you book private accommodations with someone (shared bed), the second person gets 50% off of their Sojrn.

Hablar y aprender.

With beautiful accents (and people), a lively social scene, and low cost of living - Medellin is the ultimate place to spend time improving your Spanish. Our month-long curriculum includes plenty of opportunities to practice what you are learning by immersing yourself in different experiences. While each week has a theme, living in Medellin will give you opportunities to speak as much Spanish as you want, on a range of different topics. All speaking levels are welcome. 


Learn Spanish in Colombia


The first week is dedicated to the history and language of this amazing country. You'll be acclimating to Colombian life by learning words and phrases you'd use in common situations.

Included Activities:

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Language exchange night

  • Half Day Historical Medellin Untold Tour in both Spanish and English - see how much you can understand of the Spanish version!

Optional Activities

  • Pablo Escobar Tour


La Gente

The vocabulary this week is focused on people and what they do. You will learn about the local people and their unique traditions. 

Included Activities: 

  • Comuna 13 Tour

  • Salsa session

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Language exchange night

Optional Activities

  • Weekend trip to Cartagena

  • Cuban and Caribbean Jam Night



La Comida

There's nothing that connects us more than food. This week will focus on food vocabulary, local cuisine, and the importance of agriculture in Colombia. You could say you'll learn as much cuisine-related vocabulary as you can stomach ;)

Included Activities

  • Food Market Challenge

  • Cooking Class

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Game night

Optional Activities

  • Four-wheeling

  • Optional cocktail making class



Colombia is known for its amazing nature and we’d be remiss to not incorporate it in your stay here. The vocabulary focus covers much of the natural world plus activities you can do in it. 

Included Activities:

  • Coffee Farm Experience

  • Guided Nature Hike

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Farewell Dinner 

Optional Activities

  • Paragliding

Learn Spanish Abroad

What's Included:

We've covered the basics so you can arrive at your new home feeling like a local.  

  • Living accommodations 

  • Access to Sojrn Spaces (workspaces and partner cafes)

  • Guaranteed Wifi connection

  • Eight included activities (two per week)

  • Chapter platform with pre-travel prep, important information, menu of curated optionals, and more

  • Two included meals

  • A community of chapter-mates

  • A Chapter Host 

  • Access to a local host 

  • Add optional curated activities and high value low cost activities

  • Arrival Airport transportation

What's Not:

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most amount of flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance

  • Visas and related fees 

"I participated in the Medellín Spanish in Colombia” chapter. We had a fantastic Sojrn host, Makayla, and local host, Juan Manuel. I loved the cultural exchanges, Spanish lessons, group trips and the food! It was wonderful meeting so many people who wanted to explore the wonderful city of Medellín just like me. A special recognition goes out to Makayla who always made sure everyone was comfortable, included and having a good time. I’d recommend for anyone wanting to make the most of travel while doing so safely."


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