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Experience living in the “City of the Eternal Spring” Medellín, Colombia for an entire month while soaking in the local culture and learning Spanish.

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Spanish in Colombia


Medellín, Colombia

Learn Spanish in Colombia



Learn Spanish in Medellin, Colombia


Starting at $2,999

Adult Study Abroad to Learn Spanish


4 weeks

Chapter Dates


July 3 - July 30, 2022

July 31 - Aug 27, 2022

Nov 13 - Dec 10, 2022

What to expect:

Become better acquainted with the Colombian culture

Improve your spoken Spanish skills

Explore different parts of Colombia in your free time

Connect with others trying to learn Spanish

Easy and convenient access to all your remote working needs

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Speak Like a Local.

It is said that you can not truly understand a culture until you begin to understand its language. Learning Spanish in such a vibrant city will certainly be a powerful driver to have you speaking in no time! Once Spanish classes are over, you’ll find yourself with plenty of time to enrich your Spanish experience by chatting with locals (called Paisas), tasting locally sourced, roasted and brewed specialty coffee, and practicing your Spanish with your Chaptermates. 

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Reliably Connect Anytime You Need.

If you will be working remotely while in Medellín, we’ve made sure to give you access to what you’ll need to get the job done. We have partnered with a local co-working space that can cater to a range of needs. Here you will find super fast wifi, plenty of outlets, and even private rooms in case you need to get some privacy or just spread out.


If you enjoy a little more hustle and bustle while working, you can check out our Sojrn Spaces - places you're always welcome to pop into to socialize, get some work done, or grab a bite to eat. Through our partnerships with local cafes and restaurants around Medellín, you'll be able to find your new favorite spot in no time!

Choose your stay.

The Spanish in Colombia chapter has two accommodation options available for your choosing. Swipe to see an example of each. 

  • Standard - $2,999   |   A private bedroom in a shared apartment, all equipped with kitchen space with a large work/dinner table, Wi-Fi and all other modern amenities.

  • Private - $3.799 |  A private apartment, equipped with kitchen space with a large work/dinner table, Wi-Fi and all other modern amenities.


PS: If you book private accommodations with someone (shared bed), the second person gets 50% off of their Sojrn.

Hablar y aprender.

With beautiful accents (and people), a lively social scene, and low cost of living - Medellin is the ultimate place to spend time improving your Spanish. Our month-long curriculum includes plenty of opportunities to practice what you are learning by immersing yourself in different experiences. While each week has a theme, living in Medellin will give you opportunities to speak as much Spanish as you want, on a range of different topics. All speaking levels are welcome. 


Learn Spanish in Colombia


The first week here is all about acclimating to Colombian life with words and phrases you'd use in common situations.

Included Activities:

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Language exchange night

  • Half Day Historical Medellin Tour in both Spanish and English - see how much you can understand of the Spanish version!

You'll have the opportunity to participate in many optional activities to explore Medellin and its surrounding areas. 


La Comida

There's nothing that connects us more than food. This week will focus on food vocabulary, local cuisine, and the importance of agriculture in Colombia. You could say you'll learn as much cuisine-related vocabulary as you can stomach :)

Included Activities: 

  • Food Market Challenge

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Game night

Included Activities

  • Four-wheeling

Fruit - Learn Spanish in Medellin
Learn Spanish in South America


La Gente

The vocabulary this week is focused on people and what they do. You'll have the spend the day with a local family to learn about their life and share with them a bit about yours - todo en Español.

Included Activities

  • Family Visit

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Language exchange night

Optional Activities

  • Weekend trip to Cartagena



Colombia is known for its amazing nature and we’d be remiss to not incorporate it in your stay here. The vocabulary focus covers much of the natural world plus activities you can do in it. 

Included Activities:

  • Guided nature hike and waterfall visit

  • Private 1hr Tutor Session

  • Farewell Dinner 

Optional Activities

  • Paragliding

Learn Spanish Abroad

What's Included:

We've covered the basics so you can arrive at your new home feeling like a local.  

  • Living accommodations 

  • Access to Sojrn Spaces (workspaces and partner cafes)

  • Powerful wifi connection

  • Four included activities (one per week)

  • Chapter guide with pre-travel prep, important information, menu of curated optionals, and more

  • Two group meals

  • Community of chapter-mates

  • Access to a local host 

  • Airport transportation

What's Not:

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most amount of flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance

  • Visas and related fees 

Additional Questions


All accommodation tiers consist of a private bedroom within walking distance of local facilities. We use a combination of shared apartments, studios and local hotels to house all participants. If you have a preference for an apartment or a hotel, please make a note in your book. However, we cannot guarantee any specific housing. For shared apartments, you will be matched with other Sojrn participants (usually 2-3 bedroom apartments) but you will always have a private room to yourself. Bathrooms are often private but never shared with more than one person. If you would like to guarantee having your own apartment, please select tier 2 when booking. Your Colombian home away from home will always come furnished, inclusive of:

  • Wireless internet
  • All utilities
  • Bi-weekly cleaning service
  • Basic kitchenware
  • Sheets and bath towels
If you book private accommodations with someone (shared bed), the second person gets 50% off of their Sojrn.

Sojrn Spaces

We know that having reliable Wi-Fi is crucial to the success of working remotely. Our workspace is always located within walking distance and is set up for you to open your laptop and get work done. Your workspace comes with:

  • High-speed internet
  • air-conditioning
  • private rooms on request
  • Video call booths
  • printer and scanner

We have also created partnerships with local businesses to create Sojrn Spaces - places you can pop into for reliable wifi, familiar faces, and a bite to eat. (Think Central Perk in Friends)


Besides the two group meals at the beginning and end of your stay, there is no set meal plan so you are free to eat what you want, when you want. Your Chapter guide will include a list of recommendations for grocery shopping and restaurants.


Flights are not included. For this chapter, you should fly into Medellin Airport. If you fly in on Day 1 of the Chapter, we include an airport transfer to your accommodation.


In-destination budgets vary depending upon your personal spending habits when it comes to food, travel, local adventures and other personal expenses. As a ballpark figure, we would suggest a minimum additional budget of $800 for the full 4 weeks. However, if you plan on doing multiple optional activities and eating at restaurants for most of your stay, budget at least $1,500. Example pricing for Medellin

  • Typical Colombian Breakfast: $4
  • Average restaurant lunch in Medellin: $8
  • Average dinner in Medellin (w/o alcohol): $15


Visa requirements will vary depending upon nationality. Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. HERE is a great resource to figure out what the visa requirements are for you. Please note: While we will help point you in the right direction, Sojrn is not responsible for any participant’s inability to obtain the correct visa for any given chapter and cancellation fees will apply if a participant is denied the proper visa.


The health and safety of our customers is always our top priority. Each Chapter will have clear Covid-19 guidelines in place based on local requirements. As local ordinances are being updated regularly, we will share Sojrn policies closer to the program start date. We reserve the right to update these on an ongoing basis per the available data and recommendations of local authorities. Vaccination Requirement: You’re required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to come on this trip. Proof of Negative Covid Test: In addition, we also require a negative covid test within 48 hours of the first day of the trip (at home tele-med tests are ok!) The local host will ask for you to show proof of a negative test prior to the start of the trip. This can be in the form of an email, letter or a picture showing the result. If you are flying from the US and are required to have a PCR test taken within 72 hours, we will also accept this to join the trip. **Please keep in mind that if you’re starting your travels early, we suggest getting tested before you leave your home country and then either bring a proctored, tele-med self-test kit to take before the trip starts or schedule to get tested locally at a covid testing facility (both antigen or PCR test are accepted). For more information on our COVID protocols, please visit our FAQ page.

Online Portal

A month before your Sojrn, you will be invited to an online hub where you can connect with chaptermates, meet your local host, and get access to the Chapter Guide, which has all the information you need to have a successful Sojrn in Colombia. Through this online hub, you can also book optionals and access resources that will supplement your learning about Spanish.

Local Host & Chapter Host

Every chapter has a local host on hand throughout the 4 weeks of the Chapter with the aim of making sure you have everything you need to have a relaxing, productive and inspiring time in your temporary new home. Whilst your local host is focused on making sure you can enjoy your new city. The Chapter host is on hand to make your evenings and spare time more fun. We think happiness is shared experiences, from finding the best secret bar to weekend adventures out of the city. Your experience host will help make this happen so you can focus on doing the fun things (and work of course).

In-Country Support

Part of the benefit of traveling with Sojrn is the support we provide throughout your experience. From an on the ground local host, to our team at HQ, there is always someone available to help solve any issues you may encounter.

Have more questions? Ask away and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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