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Spanish in Medellín



Four Weeks in Colombia

The four-week Spanish in Medellín Sojrn is a true slow-travel experience that offers the structure of planned and optional activities but leaves most of each week open for independent exploration and flexible work time. The focus is on strengthening your Spanish language skills through immersive social and cultural activities that offer an insider’s experience of life in Colombia. The curriculum builds on our two-week Spanish in Colombia chapter. You’ll have a weekly one-on-one private session with a language tutor and two to three planned activities each week. The four-week Spanish in Medellín is set at a leisurely pace, ideal for people who want to live like a local during their adult study abroad.

Prices starting at:


*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons

Upcoming Dates

DEC 11, 2023 – JAN 7, 2024

Flexible pace

3-4 weekly activities

More free time

You'll learn

To advance your pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension during weekly private tutor sessions where you’ll receive one-on-one feedback and support.

To develop confidence in your Spanish speaking skills through casual conversation with locals and Chaptermates on neighborhood walks and at social gatherings.

How to use Spanish to express your curiosity about landscapes through guided experiences on hikes and visits to family-run coffee plantations.

To strengthen your listening and conversation skills through the repetition of simple everyday activities such as buying a morning coffee, grocery shopping, meeting friends for lunch, and asking for directions.

About the influences of indigenous Colombian, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean culture on regional cuisine during visits to local markets and cooking classes.

What's Included

What's Included

What's Not

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Departure airport transportation

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance


Choose your stay

$4,999 A private apartment equipped with kitchen space, a kitchen table, Wi-Fi, and other modern amenities. If you sign up with another person with the intention of sharing Private Housing, one person should book the Private Housing option, and one person should book the No Housing option.

Housing Options


Work the way you want

If you plan to work while on your Sojrn, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from afar while immersing yourself in the local culture. With a complimentary personal WiFi hotspot, your desk can be anywhere you like, from your own apartment to the charming coffee shop around the corner. 


A week in the life

Please note: Chapter activities, events, excursions, and optionals are updated and refreshed throughout the year and subject to change based on the weather, the season, and Medellín's many cultural celebrations.


The following is an example week.

Example Week

“A new study abroad program for grown-ups.”


What People are Saying


“I don't have enough good things to say about this company! Work from home meets travel abroad, what a great concept. The company takes care of all the hard stuff (planning, booking accommodations, booking activities, Spanish classes) and we just got to enjoy the fun... 10/10 recommend."

Alana Kowalchuk

“I had the best time on the Medellín chapter with Sojrn. This is definitely the bespoke digital nomad experience: all of our activities felt hand-curated and vetted.”

Kelly Gajewski


“I loved the cultural exchanges, Spanish lessons, group trips, and the food! It was wonderful meeting so many people who wanted to explore the wonderful city of Medellín just like me! ... I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to make the most of travel while doing so safely.”




Medellín Chapter Notes

You should expect a moderate level of physical activity with lots of walking.

Taxis in the city are very efficient.

Chapter classes are located 15 minutes walking from the accommodation.

Medellín is a very hilly city and the route from your accommodation to the main strip in Poblado is down a large hill.

Cash is still dominant in Colombia. We recommend withdrawing pesos at the airport upon arrival.

Most locals do not know English, so be prepared to practice that Spanish!