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Learn Spanish in Colombia

Sojrn’s two- and four-week Medellín Chapters are curated for you to strengthen your language skills while you experience the everyday life of Colombians. Tucked into the Aburrá Valley and surrounded by the Andes, the City of Eternal Spring is known by many for the genuine warmth of its people. 

With a group of Chaptermates, you’ll head out on guided tours through the terraced hills of rural coffee plantations and labyrinth alleyways of urban districts as you learn Spanish. Optional out-of-town weekend getaways will take you to spectacular mountain peaks and tropical beaches. Your Spanish in Medellín curriculum provides endless opportunities to practice your language skills while learning about the people, history, and culture in Colombia. 

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Colombia 2-Weeks

Two-Week Chapter

The two-week Sojrn is an intensive program geared toward those with more free time to immerse themselves in the region, culture, and theme.

The curriculum is curated for individuals who are not working remotely (or working very little), as the activities are accelerated.

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*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons


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Four-Week Chapter

The four-week Sojrn unfolds at a leisurely pace that allows for independent exploration while providing educational wellness activities throughout the week.

With more free time than the two-week Sojrn, the four-week fully immersive stay is ideal for travelers who work remotely and want to feel like a true local. 

Prices starting at


*Pricing varies by housing options and optional add-ons

Upcoming Dates


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Colombia 4-Weeks
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“Sojrn taps into an audience willing to trade weeklong vacations for extended experiences that blend work, life and exploration.”





The City of Eternal Spring

In Medellin, you’ll set out on foot past colorfully painted buildings to cooking classes, tutoring sessions, arts and music tours, and salsa nights. 

You’ll have conversations with Paisas, or locals, as you get to know your neighborhood and acclimate to the language, altitude, and climate. 

The conversations you hear and have during organized activities, market visits, and on day trips within the city and surrounding region will become a pathway to a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and Colombian way of life.

Life in Medellín


Through language and friendships

During your time in Colombia, you’ll meet up with Chaptermates at local cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

Together, you’ll share meals and explore the rich flavors of Medellín cuisine including Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco, Chicharrón, and Arepas. 

During happy hours, salsa classes, group lunches, and shared meals you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice your developing Spanish language skills while enjoying your growing connection with the community.



Enhance your Spanish skills


Through everyday interactions with locals and Chaptermates you’ll practice Spanish and the local dialect of Medellín, best known as Paisa.

You’ll learn to ask questions, order food, hire transportation, and have engaging conversations with new friends with confidence.

Paisa is what weaves together and connects the many threads of Medellín’s collectivist sociocultural fabric. As you develop your Spanish conversation and comprehension, you’ll also be learning more about regional history, cuisine, and culture.


Sojrn Hosts



Your Local Host will ensure you have everything you need to be relaxed, productive, and inspired while you learn Spanish in Colombia in your temporary new home in Medellín.

Local Host



The Chapter Host knows exactly what to plan within the city of Medellín and throughout the surrounding area to make your evenings and spare time more fun. They organize events, group dinners, and away-from-the-city weekend adventures.

Chapter Host

Chapter Hosts

You'll learn

To improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension during weekly private tutor sessions with one-on-one feedback and support.

To develop confidence in your Spanish speaking skills through casual conversation with locals and Chaptermates on neighborhood walks and at social gatherings.

How to use Spanish to express your curiosity about landscapes through guided experiences on hikes and visits to family-run coffee plantations.

To strengthen listening and conversational skills through the repetition of simple everyday activities such as buying a morning coffee, grocery shopping, and asking for directions.

About the influences of indigenous Colombian, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean culture on regional cuisine during visits to local markets and cooking classes.


“I had the most incredible experience with the Spanish in Medellín Sojrn chapter.  Sojrn provided so many recommendations and tips, and I felt like every detail was taken care of.  I was also impressed with how much was included (so many great activities on top of apartment and coworking) for the price. The planned and recommended activities made sure our experience was the perfect blend of can’t miss tourist sites plus living like a local.”



Interested in learning more about our Spanish in Medellín Chapter?

If you have any questions about our Colombia Chapter or would like to talk to someone about the Sojrn experience before you book, leave us your info and someone from the team will be in touch as soon as possible!

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