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Spend four weeks living in Athens, Greece immersing yourself in a lively culture that has been shaped by over 3,000 years of history.

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Athens, Greece


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4 weeks


Cultural heritage

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What to expect:

Get up close and personal with the Greek way of life

A better understanding of Greek culture

Ability to explore nearby Islands

Make new friends while learning new skills and perspectives on life

Continue to work remotely with ease

Greece is calling.

Politics, Philosophy, Art, Architecture, Poetry, Food! Greek Culture spans all the way back to 7000 BCE, with major advances in art, poetry, technology and law taking place over time. 


For the next month, we are taking a deep dive into the pillars of Greek Culture; Food, History & Mythology, Philosophy, and the People. Learn how Greek philosophy weaves into the constitution of Greek life, how food strengthens the bond of social relationships, and how mythology crystallizes deep lessons of character and human morals. 


Embrace this profound culture and immerse yourself in its endless wisdom and joyous nature. Opa!

A man working at a laptop.

Work the Way You Want.

If you plan to work while on your Sojrn, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from afar while immersing yourself in the local culture. With a complimentary high-speed WiFi hotspot, your desk can be anywhere you like, from your own apartment to the cute coffee shop around the corner. Sojrn has also partnered with a cafe to create a Sojrn Space, so you’ll always have somewhere nearby to get work done or meet up with Chaptermates whenever you like. Think of it as your friendly neighborhood hangout. 


We’ve found that this setup is ideal for the majority of people who join Sojrn. However, if you have more specific work needs, we also provide a co-working space nearby with access from 9 am to 9 pm local time, Monday through Friday, that includes eight hours of meeting room access and access to a call room for an additional cost. Just be sure to choose this as an optional add-on when you book.

Choose your stay

The Culture in Greece Sojrn offers two accommodation options for your choosing.  

  • Shared Housing - $4,199 | A modern shared apartment in one of the coolest neighborhoods of Athens. Rooms come furnished with a double bed, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen and space to work or relax. 

  • Private Housing - $5,099 | A large private studio with double bed, WIFI, a fully equipped kitchen, a space to work or relax, and a private balcony.

  • No Housing - $2,999 | If you have specific housing needs, you may book accommodation separately from Sojrn. While you will need to research, arrange, and book these alternative accommodations independently, you will still be fully involved in all facets of the Chapter and our community.


PS: If you book private accommodations with someone (shared bed), the second person gets 50% off of their Sojrn.

Dive into new customs and habits.

Across the 4 weeks of the Culture in Athens Chapter, we have curated experiences designed to introduce you to the world of Greek culture and some of its greats. We've broken the month up into four subthemes:


Travelers on the Culture in Athens Chapter have breakfast in front of the Acropolis.


We start the first week with one of the most important elements of Greek Culture: food. Food sets the stage –  as before Athens and other major cities were developed, the Greek people lived off the land and sea as farmers developing a harmonious relationship with nature. Sharing food and drink is the heart and soul of family and friendship interaction.


Often considered a healthy Mediterranean diet, learn about staple ingredients including olives, olive oil, feta cheese, bread, meats and more. And don’t forget about the nation’s anise-flavored spirit, Ouzo! Deepen your understanding by tracing these flavors all the way back to the agriculture of Ancient Greece and by, of course, tasting Greece’s most iconic dishes while learning Greek dining etiquette. Yia Mas! 

Included activities:
Welcome Brunch

Street Food Tour

Food History

Exploration Walk

Optional Activities: 

Visit the Acropolis

Yoga in the National Park


History & Mythology

Greek History and Mythology overtime have weaved themselves into a tapestry of tales, stories, and legendary heroics. Greek Gods and Goddesses, mortal heroes and heroines, and the epic “Odysseys” they’ve been a part of all add to the illustration of how the people make sense of the origins and nature of the world. The lessons instilled from the past provide insight to Greek Culture’s inherent characteristics, morals, and pride. This week we will be shifting our lens to its mystical past and embrace the novel narratives which have played a huge role in the genesis of Greek Culture. 

Included Activity:
Live theatre experience

A group of travelers in front of ancient Greek ruins.

Optional Activities:

Run the Olympic Stadium or Olympic Games Workout


Travelers overlooking Athens.


Greek philosophers are the forefathers of Western thought, mathematics, reason, logic, morality, love, right & wrong, and more. They are responsible for pondering about the natural wonders of the universe and making them relevant to the human condition. From Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and even Pythagoras, Greek thinkers spread their “schools of thought” via the mediums of speech, poetry, education, and literature.


This week we will examine the sources of Western thought, delve into how these ideas spread throughout Greece and beyond, and maybe even have our own symposium on human morality and the philosophies we choose to live by.

Included Activities
Mythology storytelling walk
Sunset on the Other Hill

Optional Activities

Train trip To Meteora

Coastal visit to the Temple of Poseidon

Athens Beach Day



When it comes to culture, there is no other way to understand it but through the people who embody it. The Greek people are proud of their food, proud of their past, proud of their wisdom, and proud of their cultural identity.

This week we dedicate our time to celebrating the multifaceted beauty of Greek Culture and discover how it has evolved and displayed in contemporary Greece – through its people. We will learn some traditional dances, we will feast and drink, and hopefully walk away with a new perspective on life. 

Included Activities:
Learn Traditional Greek Dance
Farewell Dinner

Optional activity:
Cooking class

Two men having beers in Athens.

What's Included:

We've covered the basics so you can arrive at your new home feeling like a local. 

  • Living accommodations 

  • Access to Sojrn Spaces (workspaces and partner cafes)

  • Excellent Wifi connection

  • Eight included activities (two per week)

  • Chapter platform with pre-travel prep, important information, menu of curated optionals, and more

  • Two included meals

  • A community of chapter-mates

  • A Chapter Host to 

  • Access to a local host 

  • Optional curated activities

  • Arrival Airport transportation

What's Not:

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most amount of flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Departure Airport transportation

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance

  • Visas and related fees

  • Co-work space provided at an additional cost

"I did a month-long Sojrn in Athens, Greece! The month I spent in Greece was one of the best of my life! I met people from all over and we became instant friends as we worked together, traveled together, and looked out for each other. We even took some side trips to nearby Greek islands. There was an incredible on-site host (Chara) based in Athens and she is truly the best guide you could ask for! I highly recommend the program and staff! Such a great alternative to working remotely solo. Only 3 months later and I have already booked my next Sojrn!."

- Kendall

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