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Spend four weeks living, working and learning about the art of fashion in the heart of Paris. Delve into the rich history and artistic culture that makes it one of the most inspiring and beautiful cities in the world.

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4 weeks

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What to expect

Spend a month living, working remotely and embracing cafe culture along the stunning streets of Paris. 

Immerse in France's lively pace of life, making friends with locals, travelers and fellow chaptermates alike.

Let Paris come alive as you learn about the style icons who made this the epi-centre of the fashion world. 

Learn about the history of Parisian fashion and the foundation of style.

A bridge at night in Paris.

Paris awaits.

During the Fashion in Paris chapter, spend four weeks using the timeless city as your muse while you deepen your knowledge of the fashion world and hone your personal style. 

Partake in the city's vibrant cafe culture, wander the boulevards, visit iconic sights, and dive into the world of French fashion, the artistry involved, and your relationship to it.

You'll walk away with a better understanding of the artistic process, knowledge of famous Parisian designers and their iconic looks, and how to incorporate elements of timeless style into your own wardrobe.

A cafe in Paris.

Work the Way You Want.

If you plan to work while on your Sojrn, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from afar while immersing yourself in the local culture. With a complimentary high-speed WiFi hotspot, your desk can be anywhere you like, from your own apartment to the cute coffee shop around the corner. Sojrn has also partnered with a cafe to create a Sojrn Space, so you’ll always have somewhere nearby to get work done or meet up with Chaptermates whenever you like. Think of it as your friendly neighborhood hangout. 


We’ve found that this setup is ideal for the majority of people who join Sojrn. However, if you have more specific work needs, we also provide a co-working space nearby that’s open from 9 am to 6 pm local time. Just be sure to choose this as an optional add-on when you book.

Bienvenue chez vous.

The Fashion in Paris Sojrn offers accommodation option in an elevator building with 24/7 front desk service

  • Private Studio - $6,999   |   An en-suite studio complete with private bathroom, kitchenette, desk , AC and Wi-Fi.


  • No Housing - $3,499 | If you have specific accommodation needs, you may participate in the Sojrn program but arrange your own housing. While you will need to book and manage your accommodations on your own, you will be fully involved in all other facets of the Chapter and Sojrn community. 


PS: If you book private accommodations with someone (shared bed), the second person gets 50% off of their Sojrn.

Embracing simplicity.

With Paris as your home base, we've designed a 4-week stay to help you learn about the art of fashion while you connect with a new way of life in this beautiful city. 


A quiet street in Paris.

History & Culture

As you settle into your new home this week, start to uncover the history of Parisian fashion. From Chanel to YSL, you'll learn about the key players of the past century, the art they created, and the historical context that informed their most famous designs. Begin the process of finding your own inspiration, whether from the contemporary streetwear taking over the local Parisian scene or the haute couture pieces making statements on the runway. Embrace the powerful culture of expression through Parisian fashion and art.



Personal Style

Every fashion house has its codes, from the colors to the vibrations, the prints, the patterns, the shapes, the stories, or any number of specific visual elements that are a brand's lifeblood. And when dressing ourselves, so do we. Our house codes start with our aesthetic, and there's no better visual representation than a personalized mood board.

This week, you'll venture into Paris, build out your mood board, and learn about the art of dressing with a workshop on fit, form, mixing, and matching. There will be a particular focus on combining patterns, textures, and shapes in ways that complement instead of clash at the Fab Lab.

Different styles of shirts and dresses.


A woman in high heels.

Behind the 

To the public eye, fashion is pretty forward-facing. However, what we see, whether it's a fashion show, photograph, or even an accessory, is the culmination of a creative process that begins with ideation and design. Rarely do we get to observe the magic that happens behind the scenes.

This week we'll meet the experts behind the curtain in the fashion world and learn about what it takes to be successful in the industry.


Fashion Forward

The sustainable fashion movement might as well have its roots in Parisian couture; after all, these pieces were designed to last a lifetime. At the forefront of discussion in the fashion industry, sustainable fashion focuses on local sourcing and production, transparency across the supply chain, ecological integrity, and more.


Learn about the multi-layered dynamics of the movement, how it is changing the fashion industry's future, and what you can do to be a part of it. In the last week of this chapter, we'll consider lessons from the past as we explore the future of fashion for a more sustainable world.

Guests on the Fashion in Paris Chapter will learn all about different styles.

What's Included:

We've covered the basics so you can arrive at your new home feeling like a local. The full program includes:

  • Living accommodations 

  • Access to Sojrn Spaces (workspaces and partner cafes)

  • Guaranteed Wifi connection

  • Eight included activities (two per week)

  • Chapter platform with pre-travel prep, important information, menu of curated optionals, and more

  • Two included meals

  • A community of chapter-mates

  • A Chapter Host

  • Access to a local host

  • Optional curated activities each week

  • Arrival Airport transportation

What's Not:

Our Sojrn Chapters are created to cater to your needs and allow you the most amount of flexibility and control over how you spend your time and money. As such, these items are left for you to arrange at your discretion: 

  • Airfare

  • Departure Airport transportation

  • Meals (unless otherwise noted)

  • Optional activities/experiences

  • Insurance

  • Visas and related fees 

  • Co-work space provided at an additional cost

Interested in learning more about our Fashion in Paris chapter?

If you have any questions about our Paris chapter or would like to talk to someone about the Sojrn experience before you book, leave us your info and someone from the team will be in touch as soon as possible!

Thanks! We'll be in touch asap!


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